November stories.

It’s November and cities and towns turn into grey. L and me went for a walk, the weather was rainy and there were a lot of cars and only a few people on the streets. And no children on the playgrounds. It seems that no one likes November, right? I must confess that I also do not like it either. But that’s ok. It was a lovey day (and L ist happy anyway :) ).

IMG_2401 IMG_2405 IMG_2400-Bearbeitet IMG_2465 IMG_2464 IMG_2410 IMG_2453 IMG_2408 IMG_2422-Bearbeitet-BearbeitetIMG_2436-2-Bearbeitet

Ok. Byebye Canon! :D


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  1. Tolle Aufnahmen. Die Bearbeitung gefällt mir auch. Es stört mich nur etwas, dass am Anfang 3 ähnliche Fotos aufeinander folgen.
    Das Titelbild zu der Reihe ist wirklich super.
    mfg Arne


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